Printing to multiple USB printers via LPD

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    Using JETCET, I can make a port to allow a remote device to print to a local USB printer on 3150SE via the builtin LPD.

    What I’m curious to know, is how do you do this for multiple printers? Ie with USB, how can I make two virtual ports and know where the print job is going to end up? It is easy with a LPT or COM port, as they are physical, but what designates one USB port from the other?

    In practice, i’m finding that all jobs go to the printer that was turned on last. It’s as if it can’t actually tell there are two printers.

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    Thats a good one, I had never tried 2 SB printers on CE!

    Currently the Jecet software addon from Westech only supports 1 USB printer. If you set the printer port too LPT1 and there is a LPT1 port it will go there. If there is no physical port or you set it to LPT2 the software looks for a USB port.

    An enhancement is in the pipeline for this so hopefully this will come about as more and more printers go USB. In the mean time the only option is 1 USB and one LPT/COM printer.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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