Printing through IE via USB local printers and network print

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    Looking for instructions on how to configure my locally attached USB printer to print from a CE client through local IE?

    How is this different then how I would configure a network printer?

    Do I need to create local client printers? What do I need to do in the jetcet add-on? What ports should these be printing too? Are there limitations on what printers are supported? Can’t find this info on Wyse website?

    Dazed and confused?

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    To set up printing from IE you need to use the JetCERT addon to configure the printer. If its a USB attached printer select LPT2 and this will redirect to the USB port. If you can’t find you driver in the list pick a generic driver like HP LaserJet and that should do the job.

    The printer applet in the control pannel is for autocreation of printer in RDP/ICA sessions,



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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