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    I am trying to find some sort of VERY detailed instructions on how to add/map a printer to a Wyse terminal (WTOS – V10L). This terminal has the latest firmware (7.0).

    The printer I want to map is locally attached (USB/Parellel). I am using the ConfGen. How do I set it up, so if I launch a Citrix application or RDP into another computer, that the printer will be an available option to print to?

    I guess I don’t understand the syntax / format of how to map a printer, map the correct drivers to use, ect. in a WTOS.

    Any help would be appreciated, thank you!


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    Can t help with congen.

    On thin os use the printer menu and specifie the printer name, USB,

    and tick the option to map it on citrix.

    U can test local print here.

    The name must be EXACTLY the same here and on the citrix farm for a successful mapping.

    Beware that your driver is OK with citrix use before.

    hope it helps.

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    no drivers on thinOS

    drivers are installed on CITRIX SERVERS

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    The syntax is pretty easy as ConfGen is doing this for you. It could look like this:
    Printer=LPT1 Name=”My Printer” PrinterID=”HP LaserJet 4″ Enabled=yes
    Two things you have take attention of:
    1. The Port: If you attach the printer via USB and the device does not have parallel port build in, then use Printer=LPT1. If the client has a parallel port use Printer=LPT2. (always the next free parallel port)
    2. PrinterID: This ID has to be exactly (!!!!) the same as the printer driver name on the server.

    That’s all.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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