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    Running…Wyse C10LE WTOS (7.0_113), Win2K8R2 SP1, Xenapp6

    Scenario….We have 50+ offices. We have users that will sometimes need to help out another office so they will need to work out of another office, rather than their “original” office. We often don’t know the user is at another office until our help desk gets a call from a user saying they need a printer installed. (Users login into their C10LE client, which auto loads their desktop from one of the Xenapp6 servers in the farm).

    We are implementing a print server w/ all 100+ company wide printers installed (virtual win2k8R2 box running Printer Management), and were thinking of using GPO’s to push the printers to users.

    Problem…A user who’s home office is OfficeA, has printers for OfficeA by default, via GPO. They need to go work out of OfficeB, and our help desk gets the call that they don’t have the printers they need (only have their default printers issued by the OfficeA GPO).

    Question(s)….I would like to attach the printers to the C10LE clients, instead of the users. Looking in AD, I noticed the C10LE clients aren’t listed. Has anyone ran into a similar scenario, and have a solution for this? Is it possible to manually add the C10LE clients to AD and then attach the printer GPO’s to the clients instead of the users? I would like to do it so users don’t have to log off, and back on, to get their new printers.

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    When I looked at this I found the easiest way to do it was via Thin Print, because I also have a lot of roaming users. So I have a different INI for each site. So I have a line of:

    Printer=SMB1 LocalName=”Local printer” Host=\server Name=”4100″ PrinterID=”HP LaserJet 4100 Series PCL” Class=”PCL5″ Enabled=yes

    Updated for each site. I push my settings via the DHCP so I can point each site to the correct INI. For us we have small sites and all the terminals of that site use the same printer. Or you could setup different INIs via the MAC and I think IP too. The “Wyse ThinOS™ INI Files” and the Configuration Generator where very helpful for getting me setup.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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