Possible to do USB devices with Xenapp 5/6 HDX?

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    We are running xenapp5 fp3 and testing xenapp6. I am trying to get a USB signature pad to work via a thinclint. I have it working with a windows embedded thin client but really dont want 50+ of these devices. Is there any way of getting this device to work with thin clients? I would like any and all options please.


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    XA has limited USB redirection support.
    Typically devices like USB mass storage, CD ROM, printers, etc. are mapped perfectly.
    But devices that need a special driver don’t.
    So I guess you signature pad needs a driver.

    Your options would be:
    – use XenDesktop and it should work directly
    – use Wyse TCX for USB redirection. Culprint with this solution is, that there is no session security in XA and therefore each user on this server will see the mapped USB device. In other words: not useable for you.
    – use Windows embedded


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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