Poor Performance C90LEW7 – Slow Login to domain

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    Currently evaluating WES on a C90, 4gb Flash, 2gb Ram.


    General sluggish feel to using the system, particularly browser reponse, slow login to domain, also is creating multiple temporary profiles on the C: drive of the device. Not using roaming profiles.

    We have performance tuned our build of Windows 7 Embedded based on recommendations from Wyse. But it seems that either logoff or login is slow. Messages in application log, saying that profile cant be unloaded and then it corrupts the user profile.

    We are running Windows 7 Embedded, to launch Firefox Front Motion Community Edition 3.5.3, we also need Java client and Adobe reader on the device.

    Is this an unrealistic requirement or is this something that the C90 should do. The C90 was recommended to us by Wyse.

    Devices are joined to an AD domain, and we are using group policy to control the look and feel of the desktop / restrict users access to admin side of windows.

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    Is this an unrealistic requirement

    – yes it is.
    You should defintely take a look at another unit.
    I recommend Z90S7 or Z90D7.
    C90 hardware is, in my opinion, far to slow to run WES7 in a usable way.


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    Well we have been evaluating both the Z devices you mention as well. It was Wyse themselves that suggested the C90 to start with and only put the Z onto the table when we questioned the performance of the C90

    Still havent got to the bottom of the user profiles corrupting, but is fairly consistent that it happens on first login at boot up when the device auto logs in.

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