Plz read if experiencing Slow S10 network performance

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    Hello to everyone, new member but long time Wyse user. Wanted to get this out to everyone. We have been using the S10 for about a year across WAN links and have noticed the locations we have exclusively using the S10 versus older CE units were slower. Started to work with Wyse on it and have actually had them on site last week. We found some network issues especially across a connection with some latency. Those using them on a LAN might not ever notice the issue. Symptoms to watch for are network traces that show lots of re-transmits when browsing the internet or PDF files. Also the issue seems to come in at newer than V5.1.028 of the firmware They have coded new firmware for us and so far testing looks great. There is hope!! i will try to post more details later and will confirm what i post with my Wyse SE to make sure its correct. Hang in there if you are an S10 user!!

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    Thanks for the info, this issue was posted by a user early this year – the 5.1.028 firmware has some real problems. From memory IE performance was poor, issues with Word and generally badly performing.

    From memory downgrading to the 5.0x or upgrading to the 5.2x code resolved the issue.

    Have a search in the WTOS forums here and see if you can find the link. Also I am sure everyone will appreciate an update on what code fixes your issue.

    Thanks for taking part of FWM’s!!!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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