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    Please forgive me for asking the PDF question.

    In my test scenario I am using Wyse S10 using RDP in VMware View 4. The server at site A and clients at Site A and B. The client at A can run a test PDF, a magazine with lots of layer and colors, like I was on a desktop. At site B the test PDF is not unusable but it’s not great either. According to the router its using next to no bandwidth, a T1 with <30ms.

    I know it’s never going to be as good as onsite. However is there a way to let/trick the B client know it can use a lot more bandwidth? If not, would a TCX or VDA put a dent in the problem? What would a best practice be for remote sites needs PDF with no need for sound, flash or video?

    Thank you for your thoughts on the matter

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    Typically the client uses as much bandwidth as needed therefore I am a bit confused in this case.
    Have you played with parameters like Lowband=yes?
    TCX or VDA would not help here at all.


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