OS 7.0.0_30 and wireless troubles

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    In testing I have found that Wireless on the new 7.0.0_30 on a v10le is not working properly for us.

    The wireless v10le works when I use 6.5.0_34f but not when I use the new OS.

    Get a warning on the thinclient with 7 that says
    WLAN: Ingnore AP[oob86 etc] – unmatched encryption
    Then it just keeps re-trying to get a connection

    Here are the settings in the mac.ini that we are using
    ;* Citrix Wireless *

    IEEE8021X=yes network=wireless access=none
    Device=Wireless Mode=Infrastructure SSID=SSID1 Wepkey=1 Key1=ourwepkey RoamSensitive=High

    As I said these settings work properly in the older 6.5 version of the OS but not in 7. I have tried multiple machines to rule out a hardware problem.

    Any Suggestions?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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