Old terminals are not always pulling down the whole of the w

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    Hi all,

    Need some help please, ive just rolled out 300 s10 wyse terms to replace a load of old NT desktops, so we now have new terminals and some old terminals. I have two sites with a rapport server on one and a FTP server on another. On the second site I have added the DHCP ftp option to force the wyse terms to pull down the wnos.ini from the FTP server. ( This site does not have a rapport box )

    This works fine on all the new terminals but I am getting issues where some of the old terms are not either adjust display, or they are missing a menu item from startup – we run 5 different desktops at present.

    Its very intermittent and I think it may be network related

    But I can find nothing anywhere to help me with it.

    Any help would be great


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    Hi Rob,

    Can you have a look in the Rapport console and see what firmware is on the units that have issues? Maybe try the one firmware across all of them and see how this goes?


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