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    I bought a 3125SE Wyse Winterm from ebay.

    I’ve taken it to work, where it got a DHCP address. I was able to connect to a windows 2003 server which had the Remote Administration terminal service running (2 users).

    I bring it home where I’m testing a setup of a Windows 2000 Server and a Windows 2003 Server and I can’t connect.

    I get the message that “the connection was disconnected due to a network error”. The connection attempts dont show up in any event log. I’m connecting by IP which rules out any name resolution.

    I cant even connect to Windows XP Pro computers. All of these computers I can connect to with a Remote Desktop Client from a laptop.

    Can someone give me some recommendations of things to check? Is there a checklist somewhere?

    I’m really dumbfounded. I thought it would be easy.

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    In the Control Panel there is a Network Applet that allows you to do a IPconfig /release /renew of the built in NIC. Check it has an IP for your home network as it may have been set up to not release the old IP.

    Also there is a ping tool in the unit to test conectivity, given it worked in your work setup ut must be a simple issue.

    As for CE, we I would convert it to Blazer 🙂


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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