New Wyse 5070 Pushed Image Dell Quick Start Loop

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    So I pulled an image of a 5070 created with the latest WIN10 IoT November image. I went to the process of pulling the image via WMS. I ran the Build Imag script with the Writer Filter off, the deviced powered off and when I powered back on it began pulling the image, no problem there. I now pushed that image to other devices, once they are done imaging they boot up to the Dell Quick Start page as expected as it happens when you get a new device. I close the quick start and I get to the user’s desktop. If I reboot the device it boots up to the Dell Quick Start page while logged in as the user account, I have to close Dell Quick Start to be able to see the user’s desktop. Only way to fix it is to disable write filter, boot device and close quick start page, enable writer filter and issues is resolved. Any ideas why it’s happening?

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