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    I was woundering does anyone suggest a good website for scripting
    totaly new to it and books or anything would be appreicated this is for wdm 4.5.1. another question i have been looking at scripting software and there are several differant formats which one do i need to use with wdm
    agian thanks in advance for any help. πŸ˜€

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    Just take a look at the WDM help file. There is a whole section about scripting in there.


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    WDM scripting is really simple and there are a number of papers on how to do this as well as examples on this site.

    Now if you want to dive in deeper to Windows scripting in general there are a few choices depending on what you want to achieve:

    – Windows Command Shell
    – KiXtart
    – Windows Scripting Host

    Have you have any experience with these? I have a few good books I have used over the years, any good IT book store should have these titles. The learning curve is steep but scripting Windows in general is a skill any administrator should get a grasp on.

    For managing Wyse XPe you really do not need to do anything too complex and some basic commands will get you through,


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    No I have never did any kinda of scripting before but thanks for the reply i was checking out the wyse help files on scripting and it does seem very easy to learn. thank you both for your time in replying

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