NETXFER TFTP server timeout..

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    Hello everyone.

    My 8235LE came in the mail yesterday and, judging by the homepage, the icons on the desktop, and the lack of administrator access, it used to belong to a school. I tested the default passwords for the Administrator account to no avail. I then setup my laptop with NETXFER and converted the image that i got from WYSE’s support website. I even tried their copy of NETXFER, both times it started successfully, but after it says “parsing downlowd header…” on the Winterm, it pauses and then i get “ERROR: TFTP server timeout…” I rebooted my machine and the WinTerm several times, and changed NIC settings as well.

    My setup is as follows:

    P4 Compaq running Windows XP Pro SP2
    —xover cable—
    WYSE WinTerm 8235LE

    I dont have access to a hub where i am but i should this after noon and i may try that..

    Any suggestions are so much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance, Scott

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    NetXfer is what you need, when you plugged in the device and pressed the P key did it go into netxfer mode and start? Make sure the firewall is off on the PC as well.

    I am assumning here you have a 64 or 96 MB flash NTe Device correct?


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    Yes, it does go into netxfer mode and it did start.. however it would not go through.. Okay, i got it to work- i switched disk images and tried the other, older one from Wyse’s website and i used a router instead of a crossover cable..It worked, and re-flashed successfully.

    It works great for console access to my remote web server and also to my XP Pro machine.

    Thanks for all the help!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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