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    I only really use my thin client for remote desktop connection to my winxp pro PC, I have my RDP connection icon on my thin client desktop, i also added and internet connection but have been having problems connecting to the internet, My pc is running the internet through a wireless connection, I have my NIC free and use that to connect directly to the client. i can use the internet as normal through my RDP connection to my PC but i need help to configure the IPDNSGateway numbers…

    My wireless internet ipgatewaydns is configured automatically by my isp and is always set as

    IP pri DNS
    Gateway sec DNS

    I have set my NIC as

    but what do i set as my gateway and dns for my NIC? also
    i have set my thin client manually as the RDP works to connect to the PC through this config.

    I need to know which numbers to set as gatewayDNS and/or dhcp etc
    from the isp settings above to make my internet connection work on the thin client

    thank you for all your help before WYSE guy’s! couldnt have done it without you!

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    If I understand your PC is connected to the net and you have a cable from the pC to the terminal. You will have to set up the PC (notebook) as a router/gateway. Windows XP has a home networking wizard that will start a Internet connection sharing setup. You will need to put the terminal on the same network as the PC, the gateway will be the PC and the DNS at you ISP. Maybe like this:


    The other solution is just get a cheap wireless gateway device with a build in DHCP server, these are a breeze to set up,


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