Network printers on S10 thinclient

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    What is the difference between SMB printers and LPD printers?
    I try both and I can’t print in the ICA session.

    This is a part of my wnos.ini :
    Printer=SMB1 LocalName=”Canon iR 3570″ Host=\srv-2003canoniR3570 Enabled=yes

    When i use SMB printer, it’s map in my ICA session but I can’t print on. It’s probably the driver which is not good.
    And if i use LPD, the printer is not map. I think I have errors in my configuration.

    The drivers are on the print server which is a windows 2003 server.
    My citrix server is on a remote site.


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    SMB is a Windows print server and LPR is a Unix print server, most printers emulate both but LPR is the most reliable.

    The syntax is incorrect in your file, go to the WTOS downloads section on this site and have a look at the PNagent config file – there is a example of setting up SMB printers. Also check the WTOS Parameters PDF.

    Confgen can create these printers for you easily as well!

    The most important parameter is PrinerID=”windows print driver name”

    This must be the exact name of the print driver in windows or the citrix server will fail to map the driver.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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