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    I’ve had remote desktops going for a while now in testing but haven’t used them as seriously as I could.
    One main complaint is that of being able to hear audio but not being able to send/receive audio/video through the remote applications.

    I decided to start looking around on this and haven’t found anything which says this can be done so am assuming it cannot.

    On the other hand, I’ve also ended up starting to look into using Wyse terminals to give users access to perhaps more of a terminal server environment, where I can prep the OS as I want users to have it and each time they quit, it starts from scratch again.

    If I were to use Wyse terminals running linux, could I somehow give users remote access to desktops which do in fact function with their audio/video input/output of the thin client?

    For example, users would love to be able to connect a video camera to their thin client, then be able to use say a video conferencing tool or SIP soft phone on their remote desktop to make/take calls.

    I’m guessing this can’t be done with full remote desktops but what about the terminal server idea?

    Thanks very much for any input and I’ll be happy to add more information if you need it.


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    What you needs is th Wyse TCX Suite. This includes TCX USB redirection to get your webcams in the session and TCX Rich Sound to enable bi-directonal sound to have VoiP.


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