NAS devices for WDM

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    We are deploying WDM and replacing our thinOS devices with Z90S7/D7 embedded devices for flash performance and BW savings. Our remote offices only have a router, switch, IPT handsets and thhhe WYSE devices – no servers. We are looking for an inexpensive NAS appliance that will work with WDM’s odd FTP requirements so we can deploy images from these local repositories. So far we have tried DLINK (DNS-323) and Lacie devices with no luck.

    What have others used with success with recent versions of WDM?

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    What’ the problem with these two you have tested?


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    Remote Repositories have a limitation that the “root” folder must be the same name as the username. This means that the username rapport for instance needs to land in a folder named rapport when establishing an FTP connection to the share. This can easily be done using windows or linux FTP shares however when using a NAS we are unable to find one with this functionality. It will always put the user in the the root (“”) folder. we have tested with a Lacie and DLink (DNS-323) so far.

    Looking for anyone that has successfully implemented a NAS solution for remote repositories for WDM.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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