MS Storage v3.0 Build 19

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    Does anyone have a copy of this add-on anywhere?

    I’ve got some older devices that use a USB media reader to import pictures from cameras. They’ve never had problems.

    I just deployed 200 s30’s out into the field, and these devices are having some issues with the USB reader. It seems as though it is very easy for these new machines to “bug out” and not recognize the card reader when media is inserted.

    They also are very intrusive to the user. As in, when as user plugs in the media reader, it takes at least two reboots for the device to be recognized. Between each reboot, the user is instructed to remove the media reader. Once the device is recognized, if the media is removed from the device it causes many headaches as sometimes it requires a reboot, sometimes it doesn’t recognize the media, and sometimes it just looses the card reader all-together.

    However, when the users plug the media or the card reader into the older device, it just works. No messages, just a small delay while the drive mounts, and you’re good to go!

    Going over the configurations of the devices, I noticed the older devices (the ones that didn’t have problems) had MS Storage 3.0 build 19. The newer ones have MS Storage 3.0 build 29. It’s my understanding that the MS Storage Add On is what controls USB support, and I think it may be my problem. I’m hoping that I can use the latest firmware, but instead of using build 29, I would replace it with build 19.

    It’s not just functionality for us at this point. It’s not possible to ask my users to go through the hassle of trying to get these things to work, when the machine right next to them is working perfectly. I really don’t want to back down the version of the firmware just to get this driver, but if I can’t find it, I’m going to have to.

    I’ve tried finding it on the Wyse site, but I can only find newer stuff, and one rev back on the firmware.

    So — anyone got a copy? 🙂 I think the filename is something like:

    I can PM my email address to you! Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Joe,

    I will dig out the old Mass Storage addon and PM to you.

    Windows CE has always suffered from poor compatibility with devices, the long detect and reboot in the newer mass storage addon is done to try and support more devices. However if build 19 is working for you then go with it.

    This is actually one of the reasons (along with performance) that I use WTOS or Linux now days – CE is best used in phones in my opinion. That said it was the first small foot print Thin Client OS so there is heaps of it about.


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