Migrate from FTP to HTTPS

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    We actually using FTP server to push wnos.ini file on wyse 3040. We are in a production area so this function suit our buisness model, even if it’s not very secure. (but we have restrict access to specific IP etc..)

    We are installing DELL ThinOS 8.6_606 on wyse 3040 and it appears that the FTP is not working anymore.

    We will use this firmware update to go on a “more secure model” with the HTTPS. I try to find some document where it explain how to configure HTTPS and how configure DHCP and wyse. I see here that a doc is mentioned but I’m unable to find it.

    If someone have this it would be wonderfull!


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    Simple steps.
    – create a server certificate or buy one
    – assign this cert to your webserver and bind it to the https protocol
    – copy the root certificate (not the server cert) to the ThinOS device


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