Maybe a way to replace 40pin flash cards with a CF card?

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    I have several cables on the way that came from a non wyse product that looks like they will plug onto the 40 pin Flash socket on 1 end and a CF card on the other end? It looks like the x150se and Sx0 wyse products use this 40 pin socket on the flash cards?

    If any interest in this I will post how it goes along with the molex part number, if no interest then this is last I will post on it?

    looks like might work with 1.8 HDD also? But that drive getting to large to fit case?

    This 1st one the connector is only 1/3 to 1/2 the size of the wyse.

    This 2nd one the connector is 2 times the size of the wyse.

    I give up, only way to get a CF card to replace the wyse flash would be a hand made adapter?

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    If it is working you should post it and hide your knowledge.
    Don’t talk just do it.


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