Mapping a USB floppy on a S10

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    Using an S30 and RDP–I could map a USB floppy drive by doing this:

    net use z: \tsclientfiles /persistent:yes

    Using an S10, I am unable to do it this way. Is this possible on an S10? I have both USB and Disks checked on the RDP properties for the connection, but am not seeing anything come across to the Windows side. Please help! Thanks,

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    Hi Strech,

    WTOS is capable of mapping USB mass-storage devices that are formatted with FAT/FAT32 like sticks, HDs or memory cards. CDROM or floppy devices are not in the list.
    If you need a floppy to be mapped AND you are using a virtual environment like VDI or XEN Desktop then you can use Wyse TCX USB Virtualizer. But this tool will not work in a terminal server or plain Citirx environment.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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