Locked down XPe 9150SE

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    Rescued a 9150SE 256mb flash from a landfill today.

    Upon boot, I am logged in and internet explorer launches and redirects to http://login/. I am denied a start bar, access to task manager, and no right click. I pressed windowskey+L and logged into Administrator/Administrator, but that account seems to be just as restricted. I have access to the BIOS.

    I downloaded 9S92_S496_256.exe but seeing as how I cannot access explorer I doubt I would be able to execute it.

    How does one go about wiping one of these?

    Thank you, apologies if I’ve missed an obvious solution already on the forum.

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    You have to start the exe on your PC. It will extract the archive and give you access to the imaging files.
    There are two ways now to reimage the 9150.
    – Wyse USB Imager
    – Wyse Simple Imager
    First is very simple but the 9150 is very picky when it comes to USB memorystick brands. So you might have to test several models. Download from Wyse.
    Second is a bit more complicate but should works fine. Can be downloaded on this website.


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    Thank you, I am going to go collect some USB drives from friends and see what works. I’m guessing the problem here is the WYSE doesn’t play nice with sata emulation, correct?

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