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    Hi all Monkeys

    I am new to this and not sure how to do this the right way …

    We have 26 V10L in a school-environment, the students are using these terminals, so i want to secure the terminals as much as possible.(i don’t want the students to mess with the settings)

    (with the help from this site i have managed to make a “central” wnos.ini that works – it’s not locked down yet)

    As i can see this is the settings i need in my wnos.ini …

    Priviledge=low LockDown=yes

    (and in ICA-settings)

    But as i am new to wyse terminals this is a new way for me, actually i would rather like to let the users in automatic into a low privilege desktop and maybe then autoconnect to ICA-session – while i as admin could press a button during start-up and get the possibility to log in and have privilege to change settings.

    It feels a bit scary to lockdown the terminal even for admin …

    I guess the closest solution would be to use signon=1 and .ini (haven’t figured out how that works completely yet though)
    I realize that the students has to logon twice to get into their ICA-session though (the students don’t need uniqe accounts for the terminal though)

    Any suggestions for what way to go ???

    And another thing i wonder – the FTP-server is open for anonymous, i guess that should be protected better to protect the ini-files.
    How do i do that the easiest way (so that the terminals still can login to get wnos.ini) ???

    Best regards

    (i would never have fixed central wnos.ini without this site – THANKS ALOT)

    Stefan T

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    lock it down with no priviledge works best for me if you don’t wan’t people messing with anything.

    Admins can always get in with high prviledge if you define the “adminmode” parmater in your wnos.ini. THis allows you to right click on local desktop and input credentials to go into high priviledge mode.

    Confgen’s utility will help you define this parameter if you are unfamiliar.

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    Thanks alot, this works fine for me …

    However, i am still not sure how to do with the FTP-server, maybe it’s just enough to set read-only for anonymous access…


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