Local USB Printer Maps but how do you define print settings?

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    We have a Windows 2008 R2 RDS environment. Our clients are all C10 and V10’s with local printers attached to them. I have it working through a printmap file so that clients are getting the printer to show up and print. However, there are settings under the printer that I’d like to preset if possible. I’d like to turn off Advanced Features and also change the print quality from 600dpi to 300dpi.

    I can go in and change these in my sessions, and they seem to stick. If I log into another terminal though I have to set it up again. Does anyone know how to set these globally? When the settings are defined in a session, where are they then stored? It seems like they are somehow stored on the terminals because if I log into another terminal the settings for the printer are gone again.

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    How did you manage to get usb printers to work?
    I am using v10L connecting to xenapp 5 on win 2008.
    I can connect it fine to wyse device and it shows up there but when I connect to citrix it doesn’t map.
    What settings did you put in your ini file?


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    Where exactly do you set the desired settings?
    Maybe you can set them via GPOs?


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