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    So I *love* how we manage our Blazers using DDC. Our administrators simply drag and drop their devices from one Group to another and they pickup the appropriate config.


    I was able to get close to this ease with Linux by making a package that sets the ftp root path for Linux. Then deploy that package to the Linux terminal and it works pretty good.

    I’m getting ready to upgrade to 4.5.1 and I’m trying to get that same Blazer DDC style management for our S50s.

    The closest I can get is a Linux DDC package that will point to the correct root path based on Group, but then the thing runs everytime the device boots up. Joy.

    Is there a way to manage an S50 exactly like a Blazer? using DDC? Just assign a configuration to a Group without having to manually deploy packages?

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    That is a great question, I have wanted that option too for a while rather than pushing the system.conf to the device.

    I don’t believe its supported but I will check it out…

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    I have implemented some very interesting alternatives, but I need to know exactly what you want to have happen as I am not familiar with how Blazer DDC works.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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