Just picked up a WT9450XE, got a question or two

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    I got a good deal on this thing and knew that it was limited to what it could do but not to this extent.

    Before I curse my purchase let me explain what it’s doing.

    It reminds me of my old Commodore 64. Where Basic was the operating system and programs from a disk were loaded in to RAM. Turn it off and back on and it’s just as if nothing happened.

    Well it’s sort of the same thing with this computer.

    If I turn my Wyse on and start Internet Explorer, it pulls up the Wyse website. If I change the homepage, add any bookmarks, change the wallpaper or do anything else, when I reboot the computer or turn it off and back on, any changes made are erased.

    It’s like turning my Commodore 64 off and back on again.

    What’s up with that? Is that normal for a Wyse thin client to do that?

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    @ConfGen wrote:

    Reading this http://www.freewysemonkeys.com/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=getit&lid=32 will bring light to you 😉


    Thanks for the link!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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