Issues imaging 2gb R90L

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    Hi all

    I’ve been using 1gb flash R90L’s for a while with no issues, I’m able to capture/build through WDM and the USB firmware tool.

    I’ve recently got my hands on some 2gb flash modules and have installed them into some of the thin clients. The problem is that whenever I capture/push this image out via a USB stick the target thin client appears to load the image, but on reboot errors out with either “NTLDR is missing” or “No operating system loaded”

    I have similar issues imaging the 2gb (with 2 partitions) through WDM

    My version of WDM is 4.7.2 (with both hotfixes) and I’m using the newest version of the USB firmware tool (1.10 I believe). The thin clients are running WinXP embedded SP3

    The process I’m following is as follows;
    -I have custom R90L image for a 1gb flash model (1 partition of 1gb)
    -The image also contains the linux ThinOS (NonPXE) partition to allow us to build through HTTP over a WAN
    -I install the 2gb flash module into a R90L, push out the above 1gb image via WDM
    -The thin client images successfully and I can see an extra 1gb unallocated space in drive management
    -I create the second partition with the spare space (this is intended for a branch accelerator client cache location)
    -I re-capture this image via WDM or USB
    -When pushing this new image out to another 2gb R90L I receive the above error messages after the process is complete (no OS installed etc.)

    Please note, I can successfully push out a basic R90L WYSE image via USB to a 2gb thin client, that works fine, however I want to have an image I can push out to a 2gb client that will be ready with the 2 partitions straight away.

    I remember reading about having to modify some WDM templates to capture all of the partitions but I’m unsure if that’s necessary or not? Is there anyway to force the USB firmware tool to capture all of the partitions on the 2gb R90L?

    Thanks, sorry for the long post

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    Take a deeper look at the commandsxml.xml file on the USB stick. I guess this could be of help.


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