Installing WDM on multiple PCs

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    This may be really obvious, but I’m just wondering if in order to install WDM console on multiple PCs, other than the server, is a simple task.

    I would assume that the user would just have to run the setup, and when it asks for databases, point to the WDM server that already exists?

    I had someone try to install it, and they said it was trying to create new databases and they had to enable all of the IIS/HTTP features as well.

    Am I assuming correctly, or is there another way to install this for co-administrators? Obviously we dont’t want the devices checking in with their IP address as well, so basically they need to be able to view/”tap-in” to the current server to make changes/monitor devices. I have their user accounts and security already set up on the WDM console.


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    Hmm…I’m thinking this is only possible with Enterprise Edition, as the components can be installed separately on other machines, whereas Workgroup Edition installs everything on one machine.

    Taken from

    “What is the difference between Device Manager Workgroup and Device Manager Enterprise?
    Device Manager can be installed as Workgroup edition or Enterprise edition.

    The Device Manager Workgroup edition automatically installs all Device Manager components on one computer. The Workgroup edition provides a simple and quick install with the option of using the Microsoft Database Engine (MSDE) as the database for the Wyse Device Manager product.

    To manage larger networks containing 200 or more clients, you would use Device Manager Enterprise edition, which allows greater flexibility and allows you to install Device Manager components on separate computers. This allows you to strategically place separate Device Manager components on your network to improve large file transfer performance, assign system administration duties etc.

    Device Manager is comprised of five different components which all work together to enable you to manage your clients. The four components include:

    ■The Device Manager Microsoft Management Console Snap-in GUI
    ■The Shared Software Repository
    ■The Device Manager Service
    ■The Device Manager MS-SQL Database
    ■The Device Manager HTTP/S Service

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    You are right. Multiple GUIs are only supported with the wdm Enterprise edition.


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