?? Install dot net framework on V90 with 1GB Flash ??

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    I read the FAQ from Wyse but they assume you know an awful lot. So I ask some questions before I start.

    I have V90 with 1GB Flash. 210 used 762 free. 496MB of Ram. Ramdrive Z: is set up for 90MB

    1. Do I have to install 1.1, then 2, then 3, then 3.5 in order or does 3.5 automatically install the rest?

    2. FAQ talks about resetting TEMP and TMP environment variables to D: for this installation BUT my V90 halts the boot when it finds an unbootable USB drive installed. I can’t pull the the USB drive out prior to reboot or XP will not be able to use it for temp files when it starts up. So how to solve this issue?

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    I did some research and found that I can use command line options to extract the files from the .exe. I did this with the dotnetfx35.exe file and found a number of interesting things. First, I find a subfolder with just the x86 install. This is quite a bit smaller than the whole package that includes x64 and ia64 packages also. In trying to create the smallest possible install package possible, should I just blow away the x64 and ia64 folders?

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    No matter what file I use, it gives me a 1602 error and tells me that it wants me to load the Microsoft .NET 1.1 disk.

    Where do I go from that? Need help.

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    Copy of install log file attached:

    [06/08/12,15:27:36] Starting Install.exe
    [06/08/12,15:27:37] Parsing switches from commandline: D:IXP000.TMPInstall.exe
    [06/08/12,15:27:37] SourceDir: D:IXP000.TMP
    [06/08/12,15:27:37] Install started
    [06/08/12,15:27:37] Checking system requirements
    [06/08/12,15:27:37] OS: Win NT
    [06/08/12,15:27:37] Ver:
    [06/08/12,15:27:37] SP: Service Pack 2
    [06/08/12,15:27:37] Checking Internet Explorer Version
    [06/08/12,15:27:37] Looking for 5.0.2919.6307
    [06/08/12,15:27:37] Found Internet Explorer Version: 6.0.2900.2180
    [06/08/12,15:27:37] Internet Explorer Version is OK…
    [06/08/12,15:27:37] System meets minimum requirements
    [06/08/12,15:27:37] Checking Windows Installer version…
    [06/08/12,15:27:37] Finished Checking Windows Installer version.
    [06/08/12,15:27:37] Trying to load msi.dll
    [06/08/12,15:27:37] Loading: C:WINDOWSsystem32msi.dll
    [06/08/12,15:27:37] Looking for mscoree.dll from PDC
    [06/08/12,15:27:37] mscoree.dll from PDC is not installed local
    [06/08/12,15:27:38] Looking for mscoree.dll from Beta
    [06/08/12,15:27:38] mscoree.dll is not installed local
    [06/08/12,15:27:38] Trying to load msi.dll
    [06/08/12,15:27:38] Loading: C:WINDOWSsystem32msi.dll
    [06/08/12,15:27:38] Installing: D:IXP000.TMPnetfx.msi
    [06/08/12,15:27:38] Checking IIS…
    [06/08/12,15:27:38] IIS not found
    [06/08/12,15:27:38] Checking MDAC Version
    [06/08/12,15:27:38] Looking for 2.70.7713.0
    [06/08/12,15:27:38] MDAC Version is less or MDAC not installed
    [06/08/12,15:27:39] StopDarwinService(): Darwin service successfully stopped
    [06/08/12,15:27:39] Trying to load msi.dll
    [06/08/12,15:27:39] Loading: C:WINDOWSsystem32msi.dll
    [06/08/12,15:27:39] Full UI
    [06/08/12,15:27:39] Calling MsiInstallProduct() with commandline: REBOOT=ReallySuppress IIS_NOT_PRESENT=1 MDAC_NOT_PRESENT=1
    [06/08/12,15:29:36] MsiInstallProduct() returned 1602


    [06/08/12,15:29:36] Preparing Dialog
    [06/08/12,15:29:36] Message: Microsoft .NET Framework Setup has been cancelled. Setup will now close.
    [06/08/12,15:29:36] Install.exe returning 1602



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    You should follow the Wyse article. Just plug in the USB stick when the Windows splash screen logo becomes visible.
    This way you can move the temp variables to the USB drive.


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