Importing Images into WDM – Migrating WDM to a new machine

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    So in order to get familiar with our new C90LE7s we installed WDM on my Win7(64) workstation and began playing. Well, we got our first device set up perfectly, pulled an image, and imaged the first 9 devices without too much of a hitch (we encounted a couple quirks with WDM, but once you know what you’re doing, they’re easy to work around).

    Now comes the fun part – migrating WDM to a proper management box and importing our images there. We’d like to start fresh with a new database rather than migrating the current one – cleaner and nicer for our production environment 🙂

    Now here’s the fun part. I copied the image folder in C:inetpubftprootRapport to C:inetpubftprootRapport as a test model. I renamed the data in crc.txt, exported the script from the first image, and edited the location= field to match the new name, made sure folder names all matched, then went into WDM and started the package wizard. When I finally got it to accept my script (it wasn’t recognizing the existing Description= field, I had to insert a new line before it) it began to run, got most of the way through, then threw me an error that it couldn’t write the crc.txt file, and quit. And now the subfolder with the image files in it is GONE! Up in smoke! I’ve scoured the machine in search of it, and WDM seems to have deleted them completely! Thank goodness it was just a test image :/

    I’ve already referenced this post in my process – it’s how I got as far as I did. Can anybody give me some direction on what I’m doing wrong or how to go about doing this right?

    Oh, and I’ve tried looking on for a base image file to download and rip off a script from – but couldn’t find any. Links in this forum (and Wyse’s) to such downloads are dead 🙁

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    Here are the correct steps to so that:
    – export the script via right click on the package in WDM
    – copy the exported script to any folder eg c:my_package
    – copy the corresponding package folder from inetpubftprootrapport to the same folder
    – import it in your new WDM install

    The original Wyse image file can easily be downloaded under – Support – Download – Active – C90LE7
    or direct Embedded (WES))


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    Sweet, thanks! I left my test copy in the ftproot folder and WDM might’ve been trying to overwrite it with itself. I’ll give it a test today and let you know if it works 🙂

    Worked like a charm! Funny little quirk, but I’ve been seeing a lot of those with WDM. Thanks again!

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