Implementing 4.7 Questions

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    We have a 4.5.3 install currently. Upgrading give me an error saying my last install didnt complete. I am prepared to start anew. My questions are.

    Would you parallel the new and old server? – My idea was the last package pushed from the old server would be to update the rapport IP address on each client.

    Would you update the agents on the thin clients now before the changeover? I cant have 1000 devices update agents at once..

    I am just looking for the safest way to make the transition. Right now is not a good time to have anything messup at my company. They are looking to axe people and a WDM snafu could do the trick.

    We have constant issues with our 4.5.3 buikld server and its got to go.

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    It depends on which clients you are using.
    If you have any other clients than XPe based ones, than you are fine to switch off the old WDM server, install the new one with the SAME IP and SAME name. All clients will check in just fine to the new server. You can then upgrade the hagent, if you like but that is not needed.
    If the clients are XPe based and you follow the steps above all clients will check in fine as well but the clients will reboot at least three times to disable the write filter, update the system with the “new” server info and enable the WF again.

    You should not have two WDM server running at the same time!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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