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    Hi. i have a strange problem. When a XenApp user logs in from a 1200LE client, it shows the icons as 256 Colors, and not the rest of the XenApp Desktop. This is only for the same user, and appers even if the login is from different 1200LS clients.

    If the same user login from eg. a windows machine, the icons are restored to 16 Bit dept and looks fine.

    When the user again logs in from the 1200LE, the xenapp desktop icons also the quickstart icons are back to 256 colors.

    If i shadow the user, the Icons are still 256 colors. If the user instead of a logoff disconnects, and a windows user take over the session, the icons are again 16 Bit. If another disconnect are done, and the 1200LE resumes the connection, the icons are back at 256 Colors.

    We have the oppertunity to master reset the XenApp user, and this will restore the icons as 16 Bit, but only for a limted time.

    Any good hint’s on how to fix this annoying issiue, reg.tweaks or similay. All ideas are greatly appriciated.

    Regards and TY in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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