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    Hey ppl

    I wanted to let people know the progress so far on with XenDesktop Beta. At the moment, XenDesktop Beta system is quite promising. The delivery desktop controller is very similar to a connection broker. Its accessed and configured through the MMC.

    The installation is pretty straight forward, connecting itself to Active Directory, no dramas there. Configuration may look complex at first with the variety of options available however you do get your head around it. VDI’s are sorted by desktop groups. Desktop groups are sorted by server farms. The main reason i believe that it does this for easier configuration and policy management through a console called Presentation Server console, which is installed and included in XenDesktop. The policies in here range from SpeedScreen, visual effects, security and client device options.

    The Licensing Console is easily configured and with the help of thinkthin, i actually got it to work. Only need to upload the license that comes with the XenDesktop Beta download (Misc. folder) and away you go

    At the moment i have established a consistent connection between a wyse unit (Winterm S10) and the delivery console. Only issue being, for example, the session was disconnected but hasn’t closed the connection, you may find it difficult to reconnect. For the moment i have just manually gone into the VDI and logged off. The wyse unit picks the data as long as the PN/Lite Server section on the wyse unit is given the proper ip address (again thanks thinkthin). I am yet to tweak the connection so it does most things automatically with less user input but XenDesktop is definitely been interesting and worth the effort. Ill update soon.

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    Thanks mate, nice one!

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