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    Hi All,

    I’ve got my V90 now all working (woot!) and imaging fine, but i’ve got a few challenges:

    – Imaging the V90 via the onboard LAN works fine via WSI as well as rapport as well (i’m guessing – haven’t yet tried)
    – Imaging the V90 via USB takes around an hour
    – We’ve got PCMCIA Fibre cards installed which unfortunately don’t support PXE boot and i’d ideally like to image the devices via these, but the lack of PXE support creates a challenge.

    So here’s my thoughts (and i’d appreciate yours!):
    – Create a USB key with either the Win98 boot environment or the WinPE environment
    – Initial the command to pull the image from the FTP/TFTP server (dl?)
    – Let the imaging occur
    – Come back 10 minutes later

    What’s your thoughts people?

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    Hmm, interesting though…

    Maybe it could work but you still need to touch the machine. What about a simple ghost boot disk? Ghost Partion 2 only off the unit and ghost it back on – you will not capture the BIOS settings is the only draw back.

    It would be fast!

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    Ok I was in the same boat you are in now with not having PXE. My network has PXE forwarding for HP OS manager so I couldn’t have the units PXE boot without having them try to go to the HP servers. So what I did was this. I took the USB imager on this site. I changed the bootup of the device to map a drive to a local WDM server file share. I then use the simple images on the local USB stick to image the dive from the share. So you can keep your master image on the WDM server and update it as often as you like. The USB stick then never changes so you don’t have to worry about updating your stick with a new image. You can even use something other than a stick like a cd rom or something I haven’t gotten it to work with a floppy yet but I am still working on it so give me a few weeks and I am sure I will have that figured out.

    I did try using PE and a free dos with ftp. My issue was I couldn’t get the OS to image the device. I can ftp and make that connection but couldn’t get the image to overwrite what was there on the device at all. But if you figure out a way I would love to hear about it. With the upcoming Vista PE will be the manner of mass deployment so having a PE boot that will work with a V90 would be very cool.

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