HP 1020 Printer Issue

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    I am evaluating Thin Client(WT 1200LE) in my company in which I am having problem in printing. I have HP 1020 USB Printer attached with WT 1200LE and using Terminal Services, the problem is, printer is showing on the session but I cant print out, even when I send the test print then the terminal goes hang. Anyone can help in that.



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    I think here is a reason for not able to print through the Thin Clients Sorry could NOT help you to fix the problem 🙁

    The key factor is that this printer does not contain ‘persistent’ firmware. (The firmware is downloaded each time the printer is switched on).

    For PCs the printer firmware is copied onto the PC when the printer driver is installed, so is available to be uploaded at any time.

    As the driver is not loaded into the Axel terminal, the firmware is not stored in the terminal. This makes it impossible to use this printer.

    This explanation can be confirmed by this simple test:
    – connect the printer to a PC
    – turn the printer on
    – check the printer by printing a test page
    – connect the printer to the terminal WITHOUT TURNING THE PRINTER OFF
    – the printer is detected by the terminal and now a USB logical port is available.

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    HP1020 usage thru RDP:

    1) Put the firmware file sihp1020.dl under the directory “wnos/printer_fwâ€￾ of ftp server .
    The WTOS will initialize the printer by transferring the context of the file to printer when the printer opened at the first time.

    2) Plug the printer to unit.
    Make sure the printer has been identified correctly at “System setup -> printer -> printer setupâ€￾, you should heard the printer being initialized at this time

    3) Launch a RDP session. (You must make sure the driver of HP LJ1020 has been installed at the RDP server side before, otherwise you must install it first)
    Open the “Printer and Faxesâ€￾ at the RDP server, you should see a mapped HP LaserJet 1020 , Click “Properties->Printe test pageâ€￾, a windows test page should be printed out.

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