How to factory reset used S30 clients

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    Hello, Some time ago I bought a used S30 clients. Can you tell me how I can make factory reset ?

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    Hold G on the keyboard then hit the power button. Just to be sure it works, keep G held until it starts looking for the network.

    CE 6.0 will default to Desktop. CE 5.0 will default to Connections Manager. You’ll have to go to Control Panel then the Desktop icon to change it to Desktop. It will likely be an extremely bare Desktop and Start menu.

    Check the Storage size in System. It may have changed from the reset. I had two that showed 32 meg but after reset increased to 64 meg. I looked up the part number of the flash online, they really have 512 meg.

    A third one with CE 6.0 showed 128 meg. Flashing the final update *reduced it* to 64 meg. I need to find how to adjust them all to their maximum size.

    Open yours up and google the flash module’s part number, it may have “excess” storage you didn’t know it had.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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