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    The disclaimer from the start…i’m brand new to the whole thin client thing so i’m sorry for all the questions.

    I bought a Wyse 3125SE for cheap of ebay and have decided i’m going to use it with a touchscreen as a small web kiosk at home…I have the system directly booting into IE in kiosk mode and that bit works OK. I have a few problems however;

    No access to my computer/documents – I presume this has been locked down and specified in the copy of CE installed on the device. I have looked on the Wyse site and there is 44139Wye3125.exe listed in the downloads…is this a new copy of CE firmware? I can’t see anywhere listed what it actually is. If it is a new copy I will try my best to FTP upgrade. The CE version I have at the minute has a start menu with control panel and programs, only programs installed are IE & RDP connection.

    I have CE (both & CE – drivers for my touchscreen (which is installed in my Lilliput display LCD) but i’m stuck how to get this onto the 3125? I already have the ELO drivers installed but they are not compatible with my interface. Whenever I see upgrading firmware options it must be done over FTP and have the params.ini and bin file, neither I see included…is there any way to get these drivers onto the 3125?

    Any help very much appreciated!

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    Hi and welcome to this forum.

    I will try to answer your questions but you had quite a lot hidden in your thread 😉
    – Computer/Documents is not available at all on a CE Thin Client. This would allow a user to get access to the OS which should always be prevented.
    – 576Wye74_3125_FTP.exe is the latest firmware for the 3125. You can find it under Downloads-Retired-3125SE. Check on your unit under Control Panel-System for the build version you have installed. If it is higher than 576 you should not upgrade.
    – There is no way for you to add your own drivers to the system. This would need help from Wyse. So either you have a compatible touch screen model or you pay for the integration of your drivers. This is standard to all Thin Client vendor and not specific to Wyse by the way.


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    Confgen…many thanks for your reply, no 1 I expected to be honest…i’ll give the update a shot but i’m not surprised at no 3 either, I did expect it again to be truthful, i’ve either got to buy something xpe based or get the money for an ELO touch screen, back to the drawing board I think for now!

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