Hardware – How to open 9450 case??

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    I don’t want to break anything, but how do you open the case for a WT9450XT case? Other similar cases may open the same way. I’ve opened the slide out panel, but I want to open the rest of it up. I can’t get the plastic off. What is the trick?

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    No great trick, just slide the Grey plastic side off, there is a small tab on the back you have to press down while you do this but it just comes off without removing screws.
    Thanks for your post on WSI too!


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    Thank you four reply – however – I have no problem with that part. The grey panels slides off without a problem. I want to remove ALL of the plastic without damaging it but I cannot figure out how to do it. Wyse doesn’t seem to have a maintenance manual that describes it either.

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    Hi Celem,

    the whole plastics just slippped together. So unscrew the grey foot and then start from the lower rear of the unit to pull it apart.
    I did this several time and normally nothing breaks.

    Merry christmas

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