Getting it all started (T20s and Rapport 441)

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    Our organization has a lot of Compaq T20’s that are no longer in use and we need to setup a mobile training lab. I thought it might be a great idea to build a 2000 Terminal Services (app mode) server and use the T20’s for the mobile lab. Great way to control the environment and software updates.

    I decided to use the 2000 Terminal Server as the Rapport Device Management server as well.

    I had issues with Rapport 4.5.x in that the device finder would not locate any of the T20’s either by IP or Subnet.

    Rapport 4.4.1 finds all of them but there is an error popping up every so often about licensing. I’ve activated the Sales key and it says I have an activated workgroup license for 750 Wyse thin client devices. Are the T20’s not acceptable Wyse clients?

    The Error
    ‘Rapport has detected a license violation. The license violation message is : License Violation. No valid licenses for Vendor:HP Thin Client.
    — 15 device(s) attempting to be managed

    Rapport will continue to manage devices as 30 days GRACE Period remain.
    Please resolve the license violation or contact Wyse support before continuing.’

    I also can’t remotely shadow the devices with a ‘failed to connect to server’ error.

    Still very new to this arena and would appreciate any help you can give. Should I wipe out the CE OS or will I lose a built-in TSCal?

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    T20s are Compaq units (although inside Wyse) and you would need a Compaq license for Rapport to use it.
    Rapport 4.4.1 is the last version to support T20.


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    One other option is to get a Blazer (WTOS) conversion kit. Turn them all into 1200LE+ devices on Thin OS 5.2! They will run much faster and will work in WDM 4.5.x


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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