FTP wnos.ini and Time Zones

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    We have about 70 V10L’s in four different time zones. We’re using Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2008r2 terminal servers connecting via RDP. We do not have WYSE WDM. I want to know if I can push out the FTP address to all the thin clients so they’ll update via the wnos.ini automatically. It’s not really a big deal, I can update one at a time, but I really wanted to make it seemless.

    Also, this is the big one. I have my wnos.ini configured the way I like it and I want to implement it across all the times zones, but I have it configured for Pacific Time zone. Is there a way to specify different time zones in the ini file? Or, will I need four different ini files? If that’s the case, how can I tell the Thin Clients in Central Time Zone to get the ini for that time zone?

    any help will be great. Thank you!!

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    Putting each wyse device in each vlan could be a option, but more complex depending on your network knowledge.

    But if you just want to make it a bit easier i would go for a solution using exclusion in the wnos.ini by name or mac depends on what ever you want.

    The only thing i just can’t find in your post is if all the clients are connecting to the same FTP server, because this is a requirement.

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    We have one FTP server that all of our wnos.ini files come from. I have three different folders – one each for EST, CST, and PST.

    Each location has its own DHCP server, and each DHCP has tags that tell the Wyse terminals which folder to go to.

    Also, note that the wnos.ini files can have an “include” statement. If the desired timezone of the terminal could be deduced from a portion of the IP address, you can use something like


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    I just wanted to chime in and point out what we do. We have two timezones to deal with, and about 50 active units.

    I do it by mac address, so in my wnos.ini we use:


    And in my inc folder, I have 1 file for each device. That is where I have per-device customization’s which 95% of the time is the device name and the timezone.

    I have two “templates” for these mac address files, so when we roll out a new device our desktop guys know to just copy the template, edit the device name and rename the file to match the mac address.

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