Format of a S90 flash drive

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    I can get many different DOS disks to load into my S90 and not one, even if its made to look for HDDs, can find the S90 flash drive?
    A Linux on a usb stick can see the flash drive?
    Why is in in 3 parts?
    1) very small but formated in a way linux cant tell?
    2) main section with XPE, a fat32 format
    3) very small but no format, left over, not used.

    Dos might be messed up when it sees that 1st section?
    On a normal HDD at the start is a boot, mbr, section.
    I dont know how many sectors this area is but it dont show up on linux
    as a seperate area like this does?

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    Wyse uses 2 partitions on their flash drives. The first is a hidden one to store for example the TSCAL and hostname during a reboot (otherwise the Writefilter function would delete it always).
    The second partition is for the OS itself.
    The 3rd one you see is a standard small rest of the flash. Look at your HD in your PC. Normally always you will have a small unused part that has not been assigned to one of your partitions.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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