Force Firmware Upgrade S30 & C30LE

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    I have built a custom firmware based on the latest firmware for each of the device types. The firmware and config works perfectly.

    The issue at hand is that I need to be 100% certain that all devices will automatically flash with this firmware from FTP. No matter what firmware it runs.

    (Example based on B669 for Wyse S30)
    I was hoping to accomplish this by forging the buildnumber in my settings.reg. I added the following to the end of the reg file:


    This makes the device report “Image” 669.10.01 in WDM. So far so good!
    Then I would like to edit the params.ini file to reflect the forged build version.

    I changed Buildver from 06690000 to 06691001. Device boot’s up and start a flash loop indicating that it detect’s that 06691001 is newer than the information stored in the client from the previous flash.

    Have anyone successfully done this? Or is it even possible!? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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