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    Hello Wyse Monkeys,

    I have installed the Wyse TCX Suite Server-32bit evaulation. This was installed on a Windows 2008R1 SP2 32-bit Terminal Services server, with desktop experience installed. There were no errors during the installation, but I don’t see the following services under services.msc:

    Wyse TCX Flash Redirection (Acceleration) Service
    Wyse TCX Multimedia Service

    When I login the TS server with my Wyse S10 ThinOS v6.5.0_30 the USB redirection works and I do see this service. When clicking a video nothing appears in the event log for the S10 either. I don’t see the W either.

    So, I do have two services installed, but why didn’t the others? I did the standard install and I did verify the others were checked when doing a repair install. Can someone help? I am totally stumped!

    The two installed services:

    Wyse TCX USB Virtualizer Service
    Wyse TCX Multi-display Service

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    Wyse TCX USB Virtualizer Service, Wyse TCX Multi-display Service are the only services installed.
    Which video did you start? WMV, avi, mpeg or flash?
    What happens in the WTOS eventlog when you start a video in the session?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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