Firmware not compatible S50

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    Hi there,

    We have a few corrupted S50 over here. PXE boot still works, but no boot files are found when booting normaly. When i use WSI to push a new image into the firmware it states that my firmware isn’t correct.

    When i push the firmware to a non-corrupted terminal it boots up fine and reflashes the firmware.

    I have a few SYM/NO to SYM/YES evaluations, but don’t know what they mean.

    Anybody got any ideas?


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    OK, this is going to get messy…

    First on the WSI go to the C:InetPubftprootRapportToolssa5S50push.i2c file and edit the line =NO.

    Second there are now TWO different S50’s n the same box. Newer S50’s have a model number ending in -L. Unfortunately these devices are a new mother board and will not work with old firmware. Grape the latest WSI and load the firmware as a 5S52 image and try and push again,

    Good Luck!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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