Final WDM Server is Active Unable to get PXE Active

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    New setup across the lan. Server is in production now. WDM, and DHCP are on seperate servers. IP helpers are active and in the corrrect order. Hagents have been updated at my test branch. Portfast is enabled on all switch ports. I am still unable to get my branch terminals to say Imageable = yes. However at my factory I am getting a few yes’s from termianls there. I have more circuit latency at my stores could that be it? Ping time is about 21ms to the branch and about 8ms to the factory. What to check? I have the network config detailed exactly as it is recommended.


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    You say you only have a few on the local LAN that say they are imageable? I would work on why all of them are not active. Can you reboot one on the local LAN that says imagable=no and see if it chages to =yes?

    If it does not we need to resolve this first,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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