Extending The life of XPe Terminals

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    Having 100+ termianls 941GXL and S90 and not having budget to replace the hardware, I have to try extend the life of these for a further 18 to 24 months (no choice).

    As these are no longer supported/warranty by Wyse, but work perfectly well, I have investigated other solutions. I have found bigger flash memories that work, currently had 1GB flash 941GXL and S90 works just fine, larger sizes also available. 1GB unit cost about £16.00 plus VAT. After putting base image on using WDM letting it expand then put all the sp2 patches possible on. Sourced flash mems from http://www.milesie.co.uk/asp/storage.asp [/url]
    They helped me find the right DOM (Flash to fit) The quality of Wyse hardware is excellent, where they fall down here in the UK is in support.

    Now I have installed all the apps required (Adobe, Putty, RDP6.1, etc.) and patched as far as possible. I could not fit them previously with 512MB Flash. However I cannot get to SP3 as Wyse never built SP3 for these models. It also seems expensive to get as licenses and time consuming to develop custom SP3 image for XPe on my machines anyone know how to get RDP 7.1

    Checked with MicroSoft our SA does not cover XPe, we have paid for licenses we cannot use, for all our users to use Win7 desktop. Anyone know where to get XPe SP3 or Win7 embedded at low cost? Got to be legal though. Perhaps I’ll just build a custom win7 (not embedded) and use GPO to lock it down for the machines.

    Anyone got other solutions to extend the life of these machines? I really want to use RDP7.1

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