Embedded Windows Thin Clients and USB Devices

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    Have a question that I’m sure someone here has done themselves.

    First the question:

    In general, do the thin clients running embedded windows (XPe or W7e) support most products that work under their full blown counterparts with respect to drivers? (Keeping in mind the obvious reduced system resources).

    The backstory:

    I do work for a medical office that uses a terminal server for their industry specific applications. They are currently using some C10LE’s to get into it. They wanted to add biometric authentication to replace their need for a password to login to this system.

    I find a biometric device supported by the terminal server (2008 R2 RDS). I find the TCX software from Wyse and work out getting the USB reader to pass through to the server.

    I then come to find out that Microsoft does NOT support biometrics (login or otherwise) in a remote session, on 2008 R2 RDS.

    My next plan of attack would be to have a Wyse client with embedded windows, wherein the biometrics would allow the user in and out locally on that, from which they could just RDP over to the TS and everyone is happy.

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    The simple answer is yes.
    You can use the same drivers that you would use on a Professional version of the same OS.
    Sometimes needed support in the OS is missing and has to be installed additionally. In that case simply point to a Pro version CD/DVD/install and install the missing components from there.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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