ELO 1537L and Siemens SCD 1597ET Touch Screens

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    I have two S10LE’s which I need to connect to the above touch screens. They are both serial devices. I can get hold of the correct Wyse USB to serial converters. Has anyone successfully used either of these screens with a C10LE via a USB to serial converter?

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    Well, as no-one has replied, I guess the answer must be no!
    The Siemens screen uses the Elo driver which can be downloaded from Siemens. The blurb says:


    The Elo TouchSystems XP Universal Driver package contains:

    Native 32-bit drivers, for both serial and USB touchscreen controllers. Designed for Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 2000.
    Setup application.
    Video Alignment application, sometimes known as a “Calibration” application.
    Control Panel application.
    Tool Tray application.
    Right Button application.
    Edge Acceleration application.
    Center Desktop application.

    Additional features for this driver include companion application programs. These may be obtained by contacting Elo’s Applications Engineering Department (see Contacting Elo).

    While this driver and User Manual are written for both Windows XP and Windows 2000, differences in nomenclature between the two operating systems do exist. This manual uses the nomenclature and descriptions for Windows XP in cases where Windows XP and Windows 2000 differ.

    All Elo touchscreen controllers that utilize Elo’s SMARTSET command set and data protocol are supported by this driver, with the exception of Elo’s older ISA Bus controllers. Supported controllers and touchmonitors which contain these controllers currently include:

    All Elo Entuitive brand touchmonitors with an internal serial or USB controller.
    All Touch Panel Systems (TPS) touchmonitors with an internal or external serial or USB controller.
    Special products from Elo Rochester containing one of the above controllers.
    Elo USB Controllers: AccuTouch 3000U, CarrollTouch 4000U, 4500U, IntelliTouch 2500U and 2600.
    Elo Serial Controllers: AccuTouch 2210, 2215, CarrollTouch 4000S, IntelliTouch 2500S, 2310B, 2310 and 2300.
    Monitors from third party vendors containing one of the above controllers.

    So, if I’m lucky, it _may_ work with the S10LE. Maybe.

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