DYMO Labelwriter 400 Turbo Offline

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    Dear all,

    I’m trying to connect a Dymo Labelwriter 400 Turbo to my Thin client (V10LE and W1200) to use in a Citrix Environment.

    All goes ok the thin client recognizes the printer on the USB port and gives it the name “Labelwriter 400 turbo” which i then adjust to the correct printdriver name “DYMO Labelwriter 400 turbo”.

    Then i press test printer which gives me the error message:

    “Error! Printer offline”

    When i start my session the printer is mapped but when i try to do a test print i get the error message from the thin client:

    “Printer lp0: offline”

    I get these errors on both the old Wyse 1200 and the V10LE, when i hook up the labelwriter onto my Windows 7 Workstation it works fine and i can print a test page.

    Auto Connecting Printers and USB is turned on in the configuration of the thin client.
    Policy allow mapping of local printers on Citrix.



    Anyone seen this behavior before and have a fix for this??


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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